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About Savant Nigeria

Savant is a smart home automation company providing home control and automation solutions.

With savant, you can control and automate lighting, climate(hvac) and entertainment(TV, decoders, audios etc.)

Savant has the goal of providing best home automation experience to its customers. By this, we mean churning out products that are inventive, easy to use, and future friendly.

This is because we want you, our esteemed customer to be able to enjoy our solutions and products for years.

Savant is the first home automation company to embrace mobile technology, we understood too soon customer experience would go beyond the home. Hence, the invent new possibilities for control.

Savant has become the home automation brand of choice for the world's most luxurious homes, castles and offices.

Do you want to find our what you can achieve with Savant? Here is an elaborate information you can look at.

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